Earthing And Lightning Protection


Earth Rod Seal

Contemporary building specifications usually necessitate that the Earth points must be located within the building itself. Hence the rod type electrodes must pass through either the foundations of the building or the floor slabs.

In such cases, where we need to pierce through the clamp proof membrane of a building, it is essential to prevent the upward seepage of water by using an appropriate sealing mechanism around each rod.

FURSE’s market leading Earth rod seals have come across as the most effective solution to this problem for many years now. We have now unveiled a new Earth rod seal which has all the benefits offered by the previous designs and is the simplest and the most economical installation available.

The new FURSE Earth rod seal uses our advanced removable compression seal technology and is particularly designed to ensure watertight sealing between FURSE Earth rods and common damp proof membranes, without the need for any adhesive sealant or mastic.

FURSE light weight inspections pits can be easily fitted on the seal assembly connecting it to Earthing conductors that are readily accessible, and by selecting a suitable length of seal tube, which leads to effective sealing of both shallow and deep concrete slabs.

Earth rod seal - high performance , low maintenance

It is possible to completely assemble a FURSE Earth rod seal around an Earth rod by using various core components like Earth rod seals assembly and accessory spanners, earth rod seal pack, protective seal tube and lightweight inspection pit.

The key features include:

  • • It is manufactured by using a lightweight polymer for simple cost effective installation
  • • It is corrosion resistant and prevents unnecessary maintenance expenditure
  • • It achieves a secure, watertight seal to most generally used damp proof membranes without using any adhesive, sealant or mastic
  • • It has internal compression seals available that fit all FURSEEarth rod size and types
  • • Its Earth seal design allows removal of the Earth rod seal pack if needed without risking any damages
  • • It requires least on-site assembly, and clear and easy to follow instructions are provided
  • • It is compliant to IEC/BS EN 62305-3 and tested to IEC/BS EN 62561-5: requirements for earth electrode inspection housings and earth electrode seals