Green Heating Technology


It is always the most cost-effective and environment friendly option to use heat pumps to dynamically heat the outdoor swimming pools.

Every unit of energy that is consumed leads to up to five units of total heat recovered, even on a cloudy day.

Our Calorex heat pumps come with Titanium heat exchangers, and you don’t need to consider anything apart from these pumps since they are the most environment friendly, efficient and compact options available in the market.

We have an extensive range that can cater to not only small residential pools, but, also Olympic sized and custom designed pools. STG has a remarkable clientele comprising of Middle Eastern royalties, top hotels and even the commercial sports complexes.

Our Swimming Pool Heat Pumps come in the following range:

  • • Residential swimming pool heat pumps for indoor and outdoor pools
  • • Commercial swimming pool heat pumps
  • • Heat - Cool swimming pool heat pumps that can be used in places where you need to heat the pool water in the winters and cool the water during the blazing hot summers.

Not only this, we also offer a range of dehumidifiers for indoor swimming pool systems.