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Biomass: a sustainable choice

We have chosen to invest in biomass based renewable energy after a number of considerations:

Reduced Environmental Impact

The usage of biomass to produce energy can prove to be a strategic step towards supporting a sustainable and balanced development of the planet. The heat that is generated doesn’t have a carbon footprint due to the fact that the amount of carbon dioxide released in this process of biomass energy conversion is compensated by the carbon sequestered during the growth process of the biomass.


The Biomass based heating is more convenient and of really high value, providing significant savings compared to the typical fossil fuels.

Financial and employment impacts

Mass usage can result in a major, positive financial, environmental and employment impact courtesy of the promotion of forest maintenance, the usage of forest maintenance waste to produce energy, and the creation of new growth opportunities for under-privileged areas. The excessive farming surplus can be reduced by replacing the typical crops with high energy waste and then the green waste material by-products can then be leveraged to produce energy.


Our B-Max Technology biomass burners are made to cater to different usage needs. The vast power values ranging from 25kW to 500 kW facilitates the serving of domestic as well as industrial unit heating requirements

The highly efficient B-max Technology biomass burner can be integrated with boilers, air generators or ovens on which you wish to combine the burner requirements with the benefits of biomass fuels.


Power: 30 kWh

B-Home is an efficient domestic power burner, best suited for heating residential buildings. It is supplied with feeding screw.


Power: 50 kWh

Essential is a domestic power burner which is ideal for heating small to medium sized residential buildings and it is supplied with feeding screw.


Power: 70 kWh

B-70 is an efficient medium power burner which is capable of handling large sized residential environments and small sized industrial environments. It is supplied with a feeding screw.


Power: 90 kWh

B-90 is an efficient medium power burner which is capable of handling large sized residential environments and small sized industrial environments. It is supplied with a feeding screw.

These burners offer some excellent features such as:

  • fully automatic
  • High quality materials including the high temperature resistant steel
  • Quick ignition
  • Low consumption of fuel
  • Safety thermostats
  • Intuitive and user-friendly control panel
  • EN15270 European certification

Compatible Fuels

These burners are suited to use as fuel, sawdust wood pellets f 6 to 8 mm. These self-modulating burners with five power levels to deliver optimum efficiency and instant temperature adjustment.

Cleaning systems

The B-Max technology burners have an innovative system that enables them to do self-cleaning at regular intervals. This system can periodically clean any residues from the fuel grid, thus, it prevents the possible risks of poor burning or flame choking by conducting burner power-off and fume dispersion.


A B-Max Technology burner comes equipped with a loading system. Each burner comes with a feeding screw located in the pellet tank.

This screw feeder has a gear motor that controls pellet proportioning and is linked to the burner through a self-extinguishing hose.



The galvanised sheet steel fabricated tank has to be positioned alongside the heat unit to ensure that the correct screw feeder inclination which allows pellet feeding to the burner. It is available in two different capacities. It is very easy to assemble courtesy of its panel structure that reduces the footprint during the transportation. It is suitable for the pellet-burning boilers irrespective of the power rating.


This is a metal valve that protects from backfire. By safely breaking the connection between the burner and the pellet tank, it assures 100% protection from backfiring.


It is an accessory designed exclusively for industrial line burners. The cable extends panel control up to as much as 3 metres.


Remote control is a device that facilitates user functions that are normally controlled via the display to be remotely controlled.


Heat exchanger and burners of ovens for drying process and heating of liquids.

  • Process liquid Heating
  • Heating and drying of various materials
  • Drying plants
  • Painting ovens
  • Food baking


  • Reliability
  • Low operation costs
  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Excellent process control


  • Make-up air suction burners with stainless steel box
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Multiventuri combustion unit
  • Burners with thermal power from 10 to 300kW
  • Two-stage operation
  • Full operation in very short time
  • No thermal unit are required
  • Compact
  • Low operation costs
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Eco friendly
  • Low CO and NOX emissions
  • Reliable and durable products
  • Efficiency above 90%
  • Thermal power 40-300kW