Industrial Burner

Radiant Tube Heaters / Burners


A Radiant Modules installation comprises of a patented heat generator, either a single or a double-pipe radiant circuit and a thermoregulation digital device.

The radiant circuit is a closed ring which has go and return tubes that function in a vacuum condition. The gas or gas-oil burner produces a carrying fluid (a combination of air and burned gases) that circulates at high speed inside the radiant circuit tubes. These tubes reach a superficial temperature from 100°C to 300°C (as needed) that produce radiant energy needed create the desired environmental comfort.

These pipes are made of aluminized steel, treated with a special silicon paint and fibreglass panels are used to insulate them on three sides. The radiant circuits are pre-assembled and tested in our factory. They have flanged joints which make it very easy and quick to install on site.


Models having a condensing unit have combustion efficiency varying from 95% to 107%

There is ECOMIX air-stream gas burner with VENTURI tubes that work in constant proportional modulation

ECOSAVING DEVICE which controls the chimney lock-gate and ensures optimal combustion efficiency irrespective of the power level.**

PRE-ASSEMBLED MODULES – These are manufactured and assembled in our own factory thus, making the installation process easier and less time consuming

THERMAL POWER capacity up to 300 kW and up to 160 m long circuit

DIGITAL THERMAL CONTROL facilitates the operation of the system from remote stations and there is the option of getting remote assistance service

MINIMUM MAINTENANCE – The dependability of the components and gruelling testing in accordance with the European standards, both at the assembly line and in the in-house laboratory, results in high reliability and long-term safety.

Not only these, but, there are various other advantages associated such as:

There is no accumulation of warm air in the high areas of the room being heated. This absence of Air Stratification ensures that as far as the air goes higher, the temperature comes down.

The large radiating surface with high emissivity generates fantastic thermal emissions.

The system is devoid of any convective motions and there is no increase in dust, thus, ensuring healthier and cleaner air

Our vast experience of more than 30 years of operations and our involvement in work groups directing product standards, make Fraccaro a perfect partner in this particular area of heating technology

The easy assembling process and installation on the ceiling by using chains results in easy and swift installation

Since GIRAD Radiant modules are fitted on the ceiling, they don’t occupy any floor or wall space

There is no risk of Frost as there is a lack of carrying fluids such as hot water or steam. It is possible to shut down the system for long durations without any unfortunate outcomes.

Our Radiant Modules produce heat which creates even temperature horizontally across the building, which is better than any other traditional heating method

The superior combustion performance and very low pollutant emissions make these highly environment friendly solutions

The modular design ensures that for large surfaces multiple units are to be installed

The modulating functioning of the generators controls the radiating heat emission as per the external temperature

The absence of intermediate fluids that need heating results in a faster heating

We have vast experience of over 30 years and we are also actively involved in work groups that specify product standards, thus, Fraccaro becomes an ideal partner in this particular sector of heating technology


Our radiant module is created with a supporting frame made of zinc-coated steel. The frame provides support to one or two pipes in aluminized steel which has been treated with silicon paint and has insulating fibreglass panels on three sides. The pre-assembled modules in 1.5, 3 and 6 meter length offer a highly flexible application of circuits and their length or shape can vary as per the requirements of the building that needs heating. They are manufactured and pre-assembled in our factory to facilitate an easier and faster installation service. The special chain connection to the supporting frame ensures that the pipes are free to move during heating or cooling thus, ensuring a very long lasting life for the modules.


The flanged cone-shape joints result in perfect pipe firmness and this eliminates problems during the installation created by the traditional silicon gaskets or other adhesive connections.


IGRAF heat exchanger and burners of ovens for drying and heating of liquids have a number of possible applications such as:

  • Process liquid Heating
  • Heating and drying of various materials
  • Drying plants
  • Painting ovens
  • Food baking

Our products also offer a number of great benefits enumerated below:

  • • High reliability
  • • Lower operating costs
  • • Simplified usage and easy maintenance
  • • Fantastic control of the whole process
  • • Innovative technology and high quality
  • • Make-up air suction burners having stainless steel box
  • • Superior combustion efficiency
  • • Multiventuri combustion unit
  • • Burners with thermal power range of 10 to 300 kW
  • • Two-stage operation
  • • Fully operational in much quicker time
  • • No need for thermal unit
  • • Compact size
  • • Easy installation and upkeep
  • • Environment friendly
  • • Low emissions of CO and NOX
  • • Reliable and long-lasting products
  • • More than 90% efficiency
  • • Thermal power range from 40 to 300 kW.