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STG Heating Pvt. Ltd. is today one of the premier companies in heating systems and technologies in India. Formerly known as Vinosha Services, the company was incorporated in the year 1984. Over the course of our 35 years journey, we have established ourselves among the most competent and technologically advanced companies in our domain. Our greatest strength lies in providing energy efficient solutions to our customers. The solutions created not only prove to be more economical, but, also environment friendly. Hence, they are highly effective in reducing the carbon footprint of our customers. Customer satisfaction has been a constant endeavour with STG and we have consistently kept our buyers happy with our competent products and timely services. It is due to this emphasis on creating customer-oriented solutions that STG Heating has built an expansive and ever growing customer base.

  • 1. Hot water boilers –Our PED certified European make Hot Water Boilers with efficiency ranging from 92% to 109%, shell and tube smoke tube boilers. They come with condensing technology.
  • 2. Solar thermal packages –We provide TINOX coated aluminium absorbers having electro-statically welded copper risers on automatic machines that are TUV Rhineland certified with a minimum 150 lpd peak, suppliedacross the Indian sub-continent.
  • 2. Solar thermal packages - TINOX coated aluminium absorbers with electro-statically welded copper risers on automated machines having TUV Rhineland certification; minimum 150 lpd peak; provided in the Indian sub-continent
  • 3. Heat pumps and chillers –Our Heat pumps and chillers are EUROVENT certified and are air and water sourced. They have a COP of 3.5+ on air source and COP+EER of 5.5+
  • 4. Earthing and lightning protection – Our products comply with IS:IEC:62305 code (since 2015). All our components are manufactures as per IS: IEC 62651, and we have dedicated software to monitor risk scenario.
  • 5. Steam boilers and thermic fluid heaters –We specialize in highly efficient NON-IBR boilers and thermic fluid heaters which are manufactured in-house, with a complete modular build and are skid mounted.
  • 6. Commercial Water Heaters – We bring to you 4 & 5 star-efficiency rated domestic and commercial hot water heaters which are manufactured in USA/Europe. These heaters with state-of-the-art controls are the main choice of contractors in USA, Canada and Europe.
  • 7. EPC Contracts –Our turnkey solar, steam and hot water packages are ideal for hotels and hospitals, commercial buildings, industries and they comprise of storage tanks, heat exchangers control panels with BMS connectivity, pumps, piping insulation, and valves etc.
  • 8. Glass lined tanks –We offer a range of vitrified steel tanks with a capacity of up to 5000 litres. These tanks manufactured in a world-class European facility are baked at 860°in an autoclave and are ideal for portable drinking water.

The humble start in 1984 has today expanded to a pan India footprint with 3 branch offices and 15 service centers strategically located in various parts of the country to swiftly respond to any needs of our customers regarding the products installed by us. Alongside being among the market leaders in India, we also maintain significant presence in various countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman.Our extensive global network gives us the capability of meeting your expectations and providing prompt support. We have ex-stock availability of spares and more than 45 factory trained experts with a strong understanding of applications and offering you top-quality service. Being a customer-centric company, we also provide free training to our customers at our headquarters in Mumbai with an aim to help them optimize the output of the equipments purchased from us.