Earthing And Lightning Protection


FURSECEM conductive aggregate

At times, there are certain ground conditions which create challenges in obtaining a consistent Earth resistance, whereas some installations might need a very low resistance. In such scenarios, FURSECEM provides a convenient and permanent solution.

By replacing sand and aggregate with FURSECEM and adding it to cement, a conductive concrete is obtained. This electrically conductive medium has a lot of uses in the electrical construction industry such as RF and microwave screening, static control and Earthing, the main purpose of its development.

When it is used as a backfill for an Earth electrode, FURSECEM fused concrete greatly enhances the surface area of the electrodes. For instance, by increasing the effective diameter of a rod from the typical 15 mm to 200 mm, it is possible to reduce its Earth resistance by as much as 50%

FURSECEM is the ideal solution for your Earthing problems:

Features and benefits:

Permanent earth reading

  • • Throughout its lifetime, the installation will provide consistent Earth resistance without any need for maintenance

Constant volume

  • • Irrespective of the water content, the FURSECEM doesn’t shrink or expand, thus, it ensures constant contact between the Earth electrode and the soil


  • • It reduces the drilling required and saves the cost of Earthing materials, and also doesn’t need you to spend on costly maintenance. Hence it is a very economical solution. 

Non leaching

  • • FURSECEM is a conductive concrete and therefore it can’t be washed away

Chemically inert

  • • It is entirely non-corrosive, and is not going to damage the Earth electrodes, steelwork or concrete in any manner

Fast drying properties

  • • It’s fast drying properties facilitate quick and easy installation

Mechanical strength

  • • It offers high compressive strength wherever needed

Long shelf life

  • • It has a long shelf life and can be stored for lengthy periods of time without any deterioration

Versatile installation

  • • Suitable for use in boreholes and trenches