Specialized Equipments



Our magnetic levitation chillers have a low environmental impact, thus, they can positively contribute to the savings that are needed to fulfil the terms of Kyoto Protocol and bring down the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. They have a usual Total Environment Warning Impact which is among the lowest in the industry. These chillers have CO2 emissions that are up to 30% lower than the emissions caused by standard chillers.

We use the Danfoss Turbocor Compressors which are oil-free and have two stage centrifugation.

These magnetic levitation chiller units have various advantages as enumerated below:

  • • Oil free compressors
  • • Inverter based
  • • Auto Power Factor correction
  • • Low starting current of 5A
  • • Flooded Evaporator
  • • Extremely quiet operation
  • • Extremely high efficiencies on part loads

Ranges Available:

  • 1. Air Cooled Units: 402 kW – 1548 kW
  • 2. Water Cooled Units: 280 kW – 1840 kW