Conventional Heating Technology



Ecoflam makeEcomax is a highly advanced, state-of-the-art Hot water boiler that is a product of high quality European manufacturing and complies with international emission standards.

Salient Features:

  • • It has a horizontal, 3 pass, Water-in-Shell, Smoke-in-Tube style boiler that is made of steel and has a pressurised combustion chamber.
  • • This boiler is equipped with high efficiency stainless steel baffles that provide optimum heat exchange
  • • Very thick steel shell
  • • Pressurized furnace with flame reversal
  • • Cylindrical flue pipes equipped with special turbulators
  • • It comes complete with a control panel (as per the type of operation)
  • • It is easy to operate and maintain
  • • This boiler is very efficient, cost-effective and long-lasting
  • • It has a maximum outlet temperature of 95°C
  • • Being a smoke Tube Boiler, it doesn’t have any significant Scaling Problem
  • • Scaling Problem is negligible since it is Fire Tube Boiler
  • • High thermal insulation.
  • • Stylish casing.
  • • High seasonal efficiency

  • The boiler also has numerous safety features built into it such as:

  • • High water temperature cut-off
  • • High skin temperature cut-off
  • • Flame failure
  • • Pressure switch control
  • • Combustion pressure control