Industrial Burner


ECOFLAM - Max Series

Main features:

  • • It has highly efficient fan ventilation system (HPV) that allows easy pairing with boilers that have high combustion chamber back pressure
  • • The electrical wiring is kept simplified to facilitate easy disassembling and maintenance
  • • It has a very easy to assemble Combustion Head that can be adjusted for precision
  • • Max has a single bolt burner fixing and there is an option to firmly secure the flange in three different positions to facilitate easy maintenance
  • • The hinge flange provides easy access to burner head without losing burner settings.
  • • Max has an Air damper with advanced micrometric air regulation that can be adjusted to three different positions
  • • It comes with Monoblock electrodes that result in easy and ready installation into the nozzle even after maintenance is done
  • • Low NOx version class 3 with yellow flame are also available.
  • • We offer select models that are available in High Temperature version and have “D” pump for light oil having viscosity of up to 200 cst
  • • MAX 1 ÷ 12 operates with electrical frequency 50-60 Hz
  • • The new control box Thermowatt allows improved interface with the technicians. Its digital display ( two-stage versions)) featuring the interactive language with pictograms, provides real-time information regarding the burner operation and statistics stored during the heating season.


Main features:

  • • All burners in this series have great versatility to suit different domestic, commercial and industrial applications
  • • Burners suitable for flow rate up to 200 kg/hr come with aluminium casing and thereafter with steel casing and an on board electrical panel
  • • Two stage with hydraulic or electric servomotor is available for burners suitable for flow rate of 400 kg/hr.
  • • Progressive mechanical version with flow return nozzle is also available. From 700 kg/hr onwards there is a shut down flow system on the nozzle that is managed by coil
  • • We also offer on demand Biodiesel compatible kit
  • • There is an on-demand option for continuous ventilation
  • • There is also an on-demand special version having a three stage operation available up to 600 kg/hr
  • • There is a Duoblock range up to 25000 kW 
  • • Ecoflam provides the electronic range with BMS ranging from output of 2 MW up to 17 MW in monoblock and up to 25 MW in duoblock configuration with an electrical panel that has been assembled into the burner and can also be offered with a separate switch cabinet on request.
  • • It comes with an adjustable combustion head that enables regulation and matching with various combustion chambers 
  • • There is also a modulating version with PID system controller with digital set point display and real time value 


Main features:

  • MINOR is the ideal solution for your space and noise related problems
  • MINOR burners’ vast range is an outcome of consistent and deep research that has been undertaken in the field of oil combustion
  • These are burners that work superbly courtesy of the cutting-edge ventilation technologies and air fuel mixture that gives them the ability to generate low combustion, but, superior combustion stability and high efficiency
  • MINOR burners give you peace of mind as they emit much lesser pollutants and work perfectly safe
  • MINOR’s optional nozzle pre-heater system provides consistent fuel viscosity and temperature that ensures long-term superior boiler efficiencies