Conventional Heating Technology



ASX is a ICI CALDAIE medium/high pressure hot water boiler model. It comes fully packaged with accessories that facilitate easy installation. The machine features a large volume flame reversal furnace that has low heat release attributes. The larger sizes of this boiler use a corrugated furnace. This feature alongside the furnace which is liberally proportioned as far as the length and diameter are concerned, ensures that there is an even distribution of heat within the combustion chamber. This results in a perfect combustion with both oil and gas firing. Such a furnace geometry helps avoid the overheating of the tubes and tube plates, thus, ensuring a longer life for the boiler.

There is a guarantee of high efficiency with all the boilers up to 12 bar irrespective of the fuel or medium/high pressure hot water boiler type installed

It is very important to have high efficiency. ASX scores on this parameter with its Operating Efficiency. The ASX Hot Water Boiler guarantees a maximum net working efficiency to be up to 92% at the high as well as low thermal load demands. This is facilitated by the generously sized internal transfer surface and an 80mm thick mineral wool lagging. The boiler shell is wrapped from outside by aluminium sheet panels. Special care has been given to the elimination off heat bridges across the whole panel surfaces, the upper level walkway and the upper part of the piping panel.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The boiler’s internal parts and accessories are all placed within easy access to ensure easy cleaning, maintenance and inspection facilities and ensuring safety and longevity of the boiler.

Instrumentation and Safety Equipment

The boiler comes with accessories that meet the regulation for acquiring the exemptions of on premise use. These include the following:

  • • 2 CE approved safety valves
  • • 1 large dial pressure gauge
  • • 1 bottom discharge valve
  • • 2 control thermostats

Built with Company Quality System UNI EN 29000

This boiler is fabricated from materials and according to procedures that are compliant with European directives. The Company Quality System controls and allows the useof materials, production and final testing specifically.

  • • Ultrasonic testing of sheet metal
  • • Radiographic testing of welded parts
  • • Hydraulic testing of pressure
  • • Safety valve calibration check
  • • Proper functioning of the electric control panel regarding regulation and safety equipment

The ASX Hot Water Boiler is supplied with a detailed document containing all the certificates of approval related to the materials and testing and also a declaration of it conforming to the prevalent regulations.

It further has:

  • • 1 manual reset high limit thermostat
  • • 1 dial thermometer
  • • 1 manual reset safety pressure switch
  • • 1 control panel

And PVC-sheeted silicon insulated cored wiring above the boiler that connects the electric equipment to the command panel.


Medium/High pressure hot water boiler come equipped with:-

  • • Control panel
  • • Pressure switch
  • • Thermometer
  • • Pressure gauge
  • • High/Low thermostat
  • • Control thermostat
  • • High limit thermostat
  • • Front plate
  • • Flame inspection port
  • • Burner plate
  • • Inspection door
  • • Safety valves
  • • Rear smoke boxr
  • • Flue connection
  • • Cleaning door
  • • Drain fitting
  • • Flow
  • • Return