Conventional Heating Technology


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Heizer Gas FIRED Models

The Gas Fired Models have some top of the line features such as:

  • • The GAN models come with full glass lining and are wall mounted
  • • They operate using both Natural Gas as well as LPG
  • • These are conventional flue water heater
  • •It is suitable for small commercial or domestic applications where only a small amount of storage is needed to manage peak demands
  • •The Gas Fired water heaters come fitted with piezo electric ignition and a thermocouple which is connected to the gas valve
  • • These CE compliant units are fitted with a flue safety thermostat (DCF)
  • • They have storage capacity ranging from 50 litres up to 120 litres.

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These models have the following features:

  • These models are compatible with Natural Gas and LPG fuels
  • They have a Resettable Thermal Switch which is a tested and highly reliable bimetallic switch that prevents burner and pilot operation in the scenario of ongoing flammable vapour burn inside of the combustion chamber or restricted air flow
  • • Piezo Igniter – an easy and swift lighting of the pilot burner by using a push button
  • The rugged and durable pedestal base of these models makes them easy to transport and positioning along with maintenance of a corrosion resistant contact with the floor
  • • There is a Sight Window that allows a view into the combustion chamber to monitor the operation of the pilot and burner
  • • These machines have a factory installed Hydrojet Total Performance System – Cold water inlet sediment reducing device that assists in preventing sediment build-up in tank and enhances the first hour delivery of hot water
  • • The Bradford White water heater tanks have a Vitraglas® Lining which protects them from the corrosive nature of the hot water courtesy of an exclusive ceramic porcelain like coating which provides a rugged interior surface for the hot water tanks
  • • They have fully automatic controls that give you an easy option to automatically select temperature. It has a built-in cut-off switch that prevents unusually high water temperature as an additional safety measure. There is also an in-built gas pressure regulating mechanism
  • • There is a 1” Non-CFC Foam Insulation that covers the sides and top of the tank, thus, bringing down the heat loss. This leads to reduced energy consumption, superior operational efficiency and jacket rigidity
  • • There are 3/4" NPT factory fitted true dielectric fittings that extend the life of these water heaters and makes them simple to install
  • • Heat traps - The unique design of these water heaters has a flexible disk which reduce heat loss in piping and eliminates the likelihood of noise generation
  • • The Protective Magnesium Anode Rod fitted in these heaters provides extra protection against corrosion for long term trouble-free service
  • • The Flue Baffle maximizes the extent of heat absorbed by the tank and prevents heat loss during the standby stage
  • • The Heavy gauge steel automatically formed, rolled and welded steel tank is extremely sturdy
  • • T&P Relief Valve—Included. 
  • • Brass Drain Valve.


STELT condensing boiler, made from AISI 316 Ti stainless steel with reverse flame combustion chamber able to produce hot water at a maximum temperature of 110 °C. Connected to pressure jet burners operating on gaseous fuels. Some of the product's main features are related below:

inclined boiler body for condensate drainage support

large cylindrical combustion chamber with reversed flame manufactured from AISI 316 Ti stainless steel, TIG pulse welded, able to withstand acid condensate attack.

stainless steel gas passages with special profiles, placed around the combustion chamber in order to extend flue gas development and consequently increase heat exchange and increase boiler efficiency (obtaining low NOx emissions in conjunction with Low NOx burners)

heat exchange surfaces made from AISI 316 Ti stainless steel, welded with TIG method, consisting of stainless plates characterized by a particular corrugated shape being able to increase heat exchange surface, and facilitate droplet condensate formation allowing adequate drainage.

welded using TIG, MIG and plasma procedures, methods that guarantee stainless steel main mechanical characteristics, without sacrificing corrosion resistance to acid condensation.

flanged flow connection and two system return connections for boiler differential input and ensuring minimum possible temperature to take advantage of condensing benefits even in case of medium-high temperature returns.

flue gas chamber able to collect resultant condensate and discharge it through a water trap connected to a neutralizer (where provided) to the waste water drainage system.

burner mounting plate, for attaching pressure jet burners for gaseous fuels use.

heat dispersion surface insulation with thick glass wool mattress, protected with steel varnished panels that can be easily removed

front door with reversible steel sheet opening thermally insulated with ceramic fiber.

Standard equipment:

complete insulating casing

  • Ancillaries Code
  • Acid condensate Neutralizer system
  • Neutralizer 81020001
  • Neutralizer with pump 81020002
  • Control panels
  • Thermostatic control panel QCOND01ELMCE
  • Features can be seen in “Thermostatic control panels section”
  • Control panels
  • Thermostatic control panel QCOND01ELMCE
  • Features can be seen in “Thermostatic control panels section”
  • Boiler management
  • control panel QETERM01RU2*
  • System management
  • control panel
  • QETERM02
  • For characteristics and other ancillaries see “ system” section
  • This code refers to markets of: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan
  • Product CE marked according to the European
  • Directives in force:
  • Control panels
  • Thermostatic control panel QACCBT01ELMCE
  • Features can be seen in “Thermostatic control panels section”


WALL condensing boiler, with both European and Italian Patent designed by ICI Caldaie for high power in contained spaces.

Particular boiler geometry together with large heat exchange surfaces allow considerable flue gas temperature reduction resulting in 109% efficiency achievement (referring to PCI and Temp. Delivery/Return 50/30 °C). Latest concept burner, 20% to 100% Nominal Power pre-mix flame modulation. Reduced environmental impact achieved by under 10 ppm NOx emissions.

Some of the product’s main features are related below:

  • large Combustion Chamber, single pass flame with dry and low thermal load reversal chamber
  • crossed groove, W stainless steel, high efficiency flue gas duct
  • reverse double slope structure for condensate integral recovery, high and low temperature double return.
  • parts in contact with combustion products - combustion chamber and gas plates - are entirely made out of AISI 316 Ti titanium stabilized stainless steel.- cascade operation in advance setup with 125 kW and 150 kW modules having a maximum of 4 boilers, reaching a maximum power of 600 kW reached using condensing operation.
  • modulating gas burners with total gas pre-mix, heat radiating cylindrical body, low NOx emission (below 10 ppm)
  • 20 to 100% maximum power adjustment.
  • 109% COP (coefficient of performance), 50/30°C boiler water temperature
  • each module is equipped with a digital control panel for burner modulation management and climatic compensation for fluctuating temperature.
  • AISI 316 L STAINLESS STEEL external casing, internally insulated with high density, thick mineral wool mattress.
  • IPX4D protection.
  • Ancillaries Code
  • Acid condensate Neutralizer system
  • Neutralizer 81020001
  • Neutralizer with pump 81020002
  • System management control panel QETERM02
  • For characteristics and other ancillaries see “ system” section
  • WALL model to be assemled
  • WALL M model supplied assembled on its base
Standard equipment:
  • flow Manifold, high-low temperature dual return
  • INAIL security devices
  • combustion gas collector
  • gas collector
  • cascade climatic regulator
  • operational with methane and GPL
  • flow Manifold probe (in presence of 2 or more modules)
  • control panel equipped with:
  • main switch
  • manual or Automatic burner operation switch
  • manual or Automatic burner operation switch
  • control thermostat
  • safety thermostat
  • thermometer
  • microprocessor board
  • boiler probe
  • external probe (only for master control panel)
  • GSM modem
  • Product CE marked according to the European
  • Directives in force:
  • 92/42/CE - Efficiency (applicable up to 400 kW)
  • 2009/142/CE - Gas
  • 2014/30/UE - Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • 2014/35/UE - Low Voltage