Earthing And Lightning Protection


The Foundation Earth electrodes are conductive metal parts which are embedded in the concrete used in the building foundation.

The concrete is directly embedded into the ground and thus it has natural moisture content which can be considered as conductive matter, having conductivity similar to that of the Earth. Since a large area is offered by such electrode, it is possible to achieve low resistance

By addition of FURSECEM instead of sand and aggregate with cement, a conductive concrete is created. This is a highly electrically conductive medium which when used in pile foundation has numerous uses in the electrical construction industry, such as RF and microwave screening, static control besides the main purpose of Earthing for which it was created specifically.

It is used as an Earth-electrode backfill to bring down the soil resistance by retaining moisture. This is a sodium activated montmorillonite clay which when merged with water swells to several times its dry volume. It can hold its moisture content for a lengthy period of time and can also absorb moisture from the surrounding soil.