Specialized Equipments



The Elbi expansion tanks are devices built to absorb the change of water volume or of some other liquids, and facilitate smooth functioning of a heating plant across all its operational phases.

Elbi is the producer of all the bladders which are mounted on its own equipment, and for the production it exclusively uses modern injection presses, which are the most advanced machines in the sector.

All the bladders undergo testing by the company’s quality control service after completion of the production cycle.


The accumulator vessel with bladder is a device which when fitted into a pressurized water system, provides system water at a pre-set and consistent pressure. Its widest prevalent use is in supply systems where the main supply pressure is too low and a booster pump is fitted to enhance the pressure to desirable level.

The accumulator vessel is responsible for sustaining system pressure by feeding additional water into the system at the desired pressure. This process limits the number of starts required by the pump to ensure that the system pressure remains at its optimum level. This can be done by adding a pre-charged nitrogen cushion at above atmospheric pressure within the vessel shell. This pre-charged cushion is placed between the water bladder and the internal surface of the tank.

Any rise in water pressure (pumping) leads to additional compression of the cushion. Since the system needs arise, the nitrogen cushion pushes the water from the bladder into the system, thus, ensuring optimum system pressure. Once the retained pressure is completely exhausted and system pressure goes down, a pressure switch turns the pump on, and it re-pressurises the system and makes the accumulator ready for further usage. Using this process, the accumulator prevents the need for the pump to be restarted whenever there is a demand on the water system and will flatten the system pressure curve at the optimum pressure level.