Earthing And Lightning Protection


A quality structural lightning protection system protects the exteriors of a building and the lives of people occupying it by channeling the energy generated in a lightning strike in a safe and controlled manner to the Earth Termination Network.

Our Furse structural lightning protection comprises of :

  • • Air termination network
  • • Down conductors
  • • Effective earth termination system

The system uses Air rods, bases, conductors, and clips to create effective barrier against lightning.

The process is based on the Faraday Cage principle of lightning protection and also supported by the Indian standard for structural lightning protection IS/TEC 62305.

Lightning equipotential bonding

The purpose of Equipotential bonding is to eliminate the risk of hazardous sparking or flashover incidents inside a building.

Equipotential bonding is basically the process where all the metallic parts are electrically interconnected to make sure that no such part remains at a different potential to others whenever lightning currents flow through the system

It is possible to achieve direct bonding by earthing components like bonding clamps and flexible braids, or for the service lines that have ‘live cores’, installation of Furse ESP lightning current/equipotential bonding SPDs.

All our Furse - ABB lightning protection products are manufactured using the best quality materials, since we know that a single substandard component is capable of undermining the entire structural lightning protection or Earthing system.